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    Exclusive hotline: +86 135 7059 4361 Elene Zhu (International business)  /134 2003 5492 Mr. Zhu (Domestic business) 

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    Gathering excellent resources from all over the world
    • one

      Professional design team

      Research and update the production technology and design concept together with international counterparts, with more than one hundred new products every year, and the product design is widely praised by the industry.
    • two

      Huge factory scale

      The company has modern standard workshops and strong technical force. It has introduced high-tech production lines from abroad. The equipment has a high degree of automation, a wide range of products and a complete range of products, which can meet the needs of different customers.
    • three

      Detailed production process

      Ingenuity creates classics, details achieve better quality, professional design team research and development, comprehensively enhance the style of the home, and enjoy the art of storage.
    • four

      A good after-sales service

      Provide remote technical support, you can ask for technical engineers on-site guidance services; we promise to provide you with VIP one-to-one special guidance to ensure the normal operation of the production system; 7*24 hours of rapid response to service needs

    quality services

    Zhongshan Chuzhile Bath & Kitchen Products Co. Ltd. is located in Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan City, China With 20,000 square meters of building area and 200 staff and workers. As a professional manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom storage and organizer products, we manage to win a reasonable domestic and overseas market share. We have a complete modern assemble line, our owned metal&plastic tooling workshop, and an experienced team of R&D Department. Our monthly output for cabinet drawer basket hits 30,000~45,000 ster.

    The distribution network of Chuzhile products have been available in many areas in the country......

    • 14 Years

      Production Experience

    • 20000㎡

      Modern Factory

    • 35000 pcs

      Monthly Output


    Exclusive Hotline: +86 135 7059 4361 Elene Zhu (International Business)

    134 2003 5492 Mr. Zhu (Domestic Business)


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